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* * * Thank you for visiting Composition & Character! My name is Samuel Lima. I am an alumnus of Judson University's M.Arch program and the Master of Architectural Design and Urbanism program at the University of Notre Dame. I am passionate about excellence in the design of classical and traditional architecture and the creation of new places worthy of the care of future generations!


Prairie School House - Ligne Claire Rendering

This rendering, in the Dutch Ligne Claire (clear line) style, depicts my first foray into Prairie School design.  The house, when finished, will be my first new-construction project as lead designer.  Most of the house will be constructed of Norman brick, while the second floor will be finished in stucco.  I paid careful attention to how the house is oriented, both in its relationship to the street as a part of the urban fabric, and its relationship to the sun for daylighting and solar heat.  One of my favorite parts of the building is the second floor office, with its balconies facing the street and the back yard.  The client is a professor and author, and specifically wanted an ideal place to write and study.  


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  3. I'd like to congratulate you on your adaptation of the Ligne Claire style to architectural rendering. It is actually a very sophisticated evolution of that style,using traditional watercolor coloration sensibilities, and including the strong contrast and dark framing devices of the Ligne Clair style. Beautiful and effective.

    Dan Jansenson, architect
    Santa Monica, California

    1. Thanks a lot Dan! The house in this rendering is nearly finished, so I'll probably include a post on it when it is complete! Cheers, Sam

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  4. And as an aside, the use of shade but no shadow is extremely interesting as well.

    Dan Jansenson