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* * * Thank you for visiting Composition & Character! My name is Samuel Lima. I am an alumnus of Judson University's M.Arch program and the Master of Architectural Design and Urbanism program at the University of Notre Dame. I am passionate about excellence in the design of classical and traditional architecture and the creation of new places worthy of the care of future generations!


Habitat for Humanity / ICA&CA Competition

This 1,236 square foot home was recently awarded Honorable Mention in the Dream Dallas Home Design Competition administered by Habitat for Humanity and the Texas Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America. It is designed to be affordable and energy efficient, but also beautiful and enduring. Dr. Christopher Miller of Judson University was my sponsor for the competition.

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Public Library

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This hypothetical 60,000 square foot public library is designed for the South-West corner of the intersection of Washington and Michigan Streets in South Bend, Indiana. It is designed around a central sky-lit atrium containing a grand stair. Large windows light the shelves and reading room, and are organized to align with standard stack spacing. Small pedimented aedicules are centered in each arched window and express the shelves they are aligned with (and by extension the use of the building as a home for books). A theater/lecture hall, which contains murals of St. Joseph County, terminates the procession of the staircase as it arrives on the second floor.
The project is rendered in a mixture of Lamp Black and New Gamboge.  The design and rendering took five days. 

Tuscan Arcade

This one week project for a small brick and limestone garden pavilion is rendered in watercolor. Vitruvius' three ideal qualities of architecture, Firmitas (durability), Utilitas (functionality), and Venustas (beauty) are inscribed in the frieze.