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* * * Thank you for visiting Composition & Character! My name is Samuel Lima. I am an alumnus of Judson University's M.Arch program and the Master of Architectural Design and Urbanism program at the University of Notre Dame. I am passionate about excellence in the design of classical and traditional architecture and the creation of new places worthy of the care of future generations!



15x22 Watercolor Analytique of the Orangery at Hestercombe Gardens, Lutyens


  1. Sam, great work.
    Where do you get the original material to draw the buildings you show?
    Do you measure them yourself?

  2. The drawing was constructed around a floor plan found in the three volume Lutyens Memorial monograph. From the plan, I used (many) photographs to determine the proportion of the elements in elevation and section. To my knowledge, there are no published drawings of the elevations of the Orangery. Thanks for your comment!